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Posté ven 04/05/2001 - 00:00
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The case “” in which the registrar of Sophia 7 ways had played a role should be brought to Court. In the article " et je porte plainte", the on-line newspaper announced the counterattack of the “anti-Danone”. The Voltaire network, organisation for the defence of liberties, which is at the origin of the website, will be able to complaint against person unknown for “obstacle to freedom of expression, of work, threats and blackmail”. The complaint was then took over by the Green Party, the PRG, the LCR and the Attac association, who brought a civil action against person also reminds the facts in a preamble. ”The week-end before it was condemned by Paris High court of Justice, on Monday April 23rd, the registrar 7 Ways, on which the domain name was registered, and who refused to wait for the answer of the hearings had made the access inaccessible to the website, Two days later, renamed “”, the website was unavailable, according to the persons in charge, because of a computer attack coming from a company of computer intelligence which “had a contract with Danone” in the past. The website was not working for two days”. It is a new judicial fight on the Net which should at least unable to clarify some rules.

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