Europ@web is decreasing its workforce (Le Figaro)

Posté lun 27/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

“A few weeks ago, Europ@web decreased its workforce. The Internet subsidiary owned by the president of LVMH has just laid off about fifty employees. They are only twelve left, including the president, Philippe Jaffré, the general manager, Ghislain Lécuyer and two young investors.” Le Figaro has dealt with the disengagement of French big bosses in the Internet. The article "Big bosses give up start-ups" point out on the most famous, Bernard Arnault, boss at Europ@web. This investment company intervened in Sophia in 1999, with the buyout of Aucland and Respublica via Liberty Surf.“The attention focused on Europ@web is justified by the ambition Bernard Arnault had a few months ago, dreaming to set up an industrial group of the Internet, wrote the Figaro. The examples also taken in the articles are the following: the case of François Pinault (PPR, Fnac, Conforama), Gérard Mestrallet Suez with Noos in particular), Jean-Charles Naouri (Rallye-Casino and Firstmark). So many French big bosses are now careful too.

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