Europ@web strengthens

Posté mar 03/10/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Europ@web, big French Riviera start-ups investor (Aucland and Respublica) defends its balance sheet. The Bernard Arnault investment fund (LVMH CEO), tells a figure given by business banks about a valuation of its participations between 2 and 4 billion francs for an initial amount of 500 million francs. If the introduction into the Stock Exchange which had been planned for June was set back, it still remains topical. For the moment, focus is put on alliances. This explains the arrival, in start-ups' board of directors, of the senior managers' group coming from traditional economy: Paul Zilk replaced Fabrice Grinda in Aucland, Philippe Jaffré, ex Total CEO who now leads Ze Bank, or just before summer, Bernard Giroud, ex Intel Europe manager who now leads Europ@web.

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