Exhibitions : a President of Monaco at the B.I.E

Posté mer 20/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

A President of Monaco was elected for two years at the head of the International Exhibition Office. Gilles Noghès, aged 52, the Minister Advisor for the Ambassy of Monaco in France was the permanent delegate of the Principality to the B.I.E since 1993 and the vice-chairman of this body since 1995. Gilles Noghès had made his debut in diplomacy as the first secretary of State of Monaco's Ambassy in Germany. Before, he had been at the head of the Tourism and Congress Board of the Principality for eight years.The B.I.E is an intergovernmental body which was created in 1928. There is more than 80 member-countries and it regulates the frequency of big international exhibitions as the universal exhibition of Seville in 1992 or the one of Hanovre in 2000 as well as the specialized exhibitions like Lisboa 98.

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