Express : ?the 100 people who make Nice a living city?

Posté mar 27/02/2001 - 00:00
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“The 100 people who make of Nice a living city” are on the front page of “L’ Express” this week. The choices, in this kind of work, are always hazardous. There are the ones who are part of the list…and the ones who are not. However, “L’Express”, instead of making a perfect “Who’s Who” tried to discover the new face of the city through a kaleidoscope of personalities.The face of the city revealed is at the same time younger and welcoming. An important place was given to actors of the cultural life: directors of museums, artists, writers, actors of the collective life, theatre directors, film directors, and musicians. Jacques Weber, Louis Nucera, Le Clezio, Ben, Sosno, artists already famous are listed together with the creators of the Station, the Dum Dum Boys, Claire Legendre, young author of “Making of”, Nux Vomica, Natacha Lesueur.Under the heading “economic life”, or next to important persons like Gilbert Stellardo, first deputy to the mayor of Nice, Francis Perugini, president of the CCI or Jeanne Augier, owner of the Negresco, young designers of the new economy, Philippe Grinda (Aucland), Christophe Dupont (Respublicca), Frédéric Artru (8X8), Frédéric Allard et Frédéric Court (Etexx).Many new people again with scientists (Michel Lazdunski, Jil-Patrice Cassuto, Jean-Louis Heudier, Jacques Pouysségur, Jean-Marc Lévy-Lebond), the academicians (Michel Bernasconi of the Ceram), representatives of the media (Michel Comboul, CEO of the group Nice-Matin, Remy Le Morvan of Maxx PPP, Jean-François Téaldi of France 3), stylists, designers. We can even find a few athletes, in order to show that Nice isn’t among the last sporting cities, as another magazine wrote…Unfortunately, we won’t find those hundred persons on the online website of the Express but it is worth having a look at, even if it is slow to download. It is worth having a look at the way picture stories ( /"> are presented as well as surveys and articles on the Net economy.

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