Fabrice Grinda is ready for a new adventure?

Posté ven 24/11/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Retired from the post of Aucland CEO in September 2000 by the Euro@web group, which accounts for the majority in the company, Fabrice Grinda is about to definitely leave the start-up he launched in April 1999 in Sophia Antipolis which is now in full expansion thanks to him. With no bitterness, he thinks that Aucland has reached such a development level that now it needs more a pure manager than a creator. Since September, appointed strategy chief, he’s actually in “a golden cupboard” where he has nothing to do in reality. That’s a problematic situation for someone that had had a very busy life, between planes, business appointments and the agitation of creating an international strategy for eighteen months.Thus, Fabrice Grinda, today, is looking for a new concept in order to launch a new adventure. There is no doubt that, at 25, with the Aucland experience, one of the most remarkable representative of the new economy of the French Riviera should be very popular with persons who has projects, investors, and the

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