Festival of Cannes : a information mine on the Web

Posté mer 09/05/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

For those who are interested in the Festivals of Cannes (from May 9th to 20th 2001), a real gold mine is the official site of the festival at www.festival-cannes.com. You can find there the complete presentation of the edition 2001whixh has been done during the traditional press conference in April. But as well, all the programmes, section by section, of the Official Competition including short films, tributes, A certain look, the critics week, etc. The scholar people will be even able to look for laureates of all the Festival editions, year by year, since 1947. And, some sections deals with practical pieces of information, accreditation demands, jury, events, organization, posters, etc. An amount of pieces of information !What is missed is… the programs of unofficial Sections such as "La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs" or "Cinéma de France". Such data will be found on the site www.quinzaine-realisateurs.com/fr.

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