Financial Times: IBM for the Internet next-generation

Posté ven 03/08/2001 - 00:00
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Do you know the grid? Nowadays, it represents the Internet of the future. It is a network of the future that IBM will contribute to build in Great Britain and the Netherlands providing data storage equipments. The Financial Times, in an article "IBM joins push to construct next-generation internet "explains that the system will be easier to use and will be millions of times more powerful than the current Internet. The architecture consists in linking several computers and to increase the abilities of calculation, transferring the power from a computer to another. Scientists already use it for complicated calculations and the new step will be to market the grid.La Tribune, in its edition of August 3rd, deals with these news. In the article, "IBM will contribute to the development of the Internet new generation" Irving Wladawsky-Berger from IBM thus notes that, "rather than accessing to one sole server and then contact another if you need applications, you can access to your applications on this virtual computer which groups your server as well as the other servers which are part of the group." This network architecture should also make the access easier to Internet users for peer to peer technologies, concludes the Financial Times.

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