Finland, the champion of competitiveness

Posté lun 22/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

This is a very good news for the numerous Finnish people from the French Riviera in general and more particularly form Sophia Antipolis (Trema, Solid Technologies, Stonesoft, Profium, Plenware, Wilficom Ltd, etc): Finland ranks first in the standings of the most competitive countries in the world, before the United-States, Canada and Singapore. These standings, set up by the World Economic Forum, take the innovation potential, the R&D potential and the use of NICT into account. Unfortunately, France is not among the first ten countries, the "top ten" composed as well of Australia, Norway, Taiwan, Holland, Sweden and New-Zealand. Last year, the United-States had the highest index of competitiveness before Singapore, Holland, Ireland and Finland, which was raked fifth at that time.

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