First job : the Ceram's students are doing alright

Posté mar 06/03/2001 - 00:00
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An average hiring wage of 213.000 francs a year, 81 % of students find a job within two months after they've been graduated and 33 % of them even before they are graduated : that's what stands out of the 'first job' survey realized in February 2001, over the 2000 Ceram promotion in Sophia Antipolis. Another lesson from this survey : the hiring places of Ceram's students. Even if the biggest part of them (47%) has found a job in Paris and in the Paris region, almost one third of them (32%) has stayed on the French Riviera, between the Alpes-Maritimes and Monaco. Some of them have left for a foreign country (10%), whereas 11% of graduated students are gone to the other French regions. How did they find this first job ? The research has been through relations between companies and the school and the system training periods (36 % of graduated students have found a job thanks to that mean). 33% of them have found a job thanks to unsolicited applications (two third of these applications have been sent by Internet).It's true that the 2000 promotion has taken advantage of the economic recovery. The Ceram also benefits from its 'Technologic Management' positioning. Such a positioning is completely integrated and accepted today by companies : over the first ten recruiters of students from the Ceram 1998-2000 promo, eight are companies from the new technology sector which most of them are settled on the research park : Accenture (former Andersen Consulting), Cartesis, Nortel Networks, Philips SemiConductors, Amadeus Development, Cap Gemini, Compaq and Gemplus.

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