The FNAC has opened in Cannes

Posté mer 24/01/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

At the beginning, the opening has been scheduled for the MAPIC of November 1999, the exhibition of business settlement. But the beginning of the building has been delayed because of the block of the building consent. The FNAC in Cannes, rue d'Antibes, on the site of the Ambassades cinema, didn't lose on the deal. The inauguration has been done on May 9th 2000 to open the Festival of Cannes. So, the CEO, Jean-Paul Giraud, has benefited from the reputation of several stars such as Claire Chazal, Tony Gatlif, Michel Jonaz, Jean-Claude Carrière for the inauguration.This 54th FNAC in France and the 70th all over the world has been particularly looked after. Over 3.000 m2 divided in two floors, it gives computer and audiovisual material more than their due since one floor is dedicated to them. As it is the case for CDs, it is possible to view DVDs in particular. For the opening day, a great exposition of stage photographs about 'the Misfits' movie which offered one of the best role to Marilyn.

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