Former Aucland member, Sacha Fosse-Parisis wants to play a role in the CRM

Posté ven 22/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Since the takeover in September 1999 by Europ@web, the two Aucland founders are gone. In November, Fabrice Grinda, the CEO, has left the start-up he created early 1999, without being able to keep any shares. Another main protagonist, that has left a little time afterwards, was Sacha Fosse-Parisis, a former member of ESSI and INRIA. He created a vanguard processing system to manage this auction sales site. Just like Grinda, Sacha Fosse-Parisis is ready for a new adventure. He tries to create a start-up that would develop CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management). Such an activity is booming and computer tools are still to be optimised for that kind of work.

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