A former Massena student at the head of Andersen Worldwide

Posté mar 24/10/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

What was supposed became true: Aldo Cardoso, 44, president of Arthur Andersen France, and in charge of the Western Europe region (France and Benelux), was elected at the end of last week president of Andersen Worldwide associates' board of directors. Actually the supreme function for a man from Nice and former student at Massena high school, Nice. The worldwide president of the international group will thus pronounce a solemn speech for the Ceram on October, 27 at 11 am on the issue 'Corporate Governance and confidence strategy'.Why this issue? 'I would like to make the students of the 21st century aware of fundamental deal of the companies in which they will work one day or they will create,'Aldo Cardoso noticed. 'What balance of powers in a firm and what economic efficiency? This is a main question, beyond technical measures, and essentially for those who one day decide to found a company or join one with an active and a participative role. It also concerns shareholders, investors, people retired…'

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