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Can you carry out a project successfully without leadership? This is the theme of the PMI France sud forum, which will take place at the ESINSA of Sophia Antipolis, on November 15th at 9.00 AM.

“Human resources and leadership: is it possible to carry out a project successfully without leadership? This is the theme of the forum organised by the PMI France sud association (Project Management Institute) which will take place on Thursday November 15th, at 9.00 AM, at the ESINSA (1645, route des Lucioles, in Sophia Antipolis). Leadership is an essential element for a company’s success or failure. It is the same for any project. However, the leadership is a complex concept, and can be interpreted in different ways, not to say in divergent ways.What is leadership? How can it be recognised? Why is it so important for the success of a project? What are the revealing signs of its absence? Is the leadership innate or is it possible to learn it? All these questions will be answered to during this forum, through the contributions of human resources managers, experienced project leaders, recruitment trainers and consultants.In addition to the leadership theme, the forum will allow to review the situation of the labour market for this project management position. It is also worth noting that Sandra Ardis, marketing manager at the worldwide PMI Institute based in the United States, will contribute to this session.Here are a few elements of the programme: the first speech will be given by Antoine Garcia, manager of AG Consulting, a recruitment firm at Sophia which is specialised in the NTIC sector. With his experiences from its several missions in competence evaluation, evolution of executives and their situation on the labour market, Antoine Garcia will answer the following question: which skills are required for a project manager? Sandra Ardis (PMI headquarters) will give a speech in English on the evolution of needs in Project Management and required competencies in a current situation of reducing costs (“Where do we go from here?”)Frederic Pougnan will deal with the following theme: « leadership or the ability to motivate a team » and Annie Gimet-Neury (AUGEO), with the « project manager: leader through his global view”. Performance and other key indicators, highlighted by « Intelligent Planner » allows project managers to have a real added value for their global view of their project(s). They become natural company leaders, synthesising information and focusing their project according to achieved results.ContactRegistration is free but necessary on the following website

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