The fourth mobile generation : the MOTO-media

Posté mer 20/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

In Europe, we are focusing on the third generation of mobiles with the high-performance streaming allowed by the UMTS. In Japan, where this technology is going to be operational in 2001, people already think about the next step. So, the Japanese NTT DoCoMo, the specialist in the W-CDMA technology (wideband) and I-mode services, goes into a partnership with the American HP (Hewlett-Packard) to study the fourth generation telephony's applications and services. In an article entitled /"> 'DoCoMo prépare les technologies mobiles de 4ème génération', the Tribune says that they want to find new interactive services for mobile phones such as m-business, thanks to an advanced technologic platform…A new generation of platforms which should ' increase streaming performances of multimedia content and include user identification tools. As a result they should be able to localize the position of the phone's owner.'This new multimedia architecture, whose first results are expected for 2003, has been named MOTO-media.

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