France Télécom : goodbye to la

Posté mer 14/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

France Télécom will have to take off its slogan 'Bienvenue dans la'. That was the decision of the Paris County Court which have been referred to by a complaint laid by a company from Paris 'la vie com'. As it is reported by the on-line newspaper Transfertin the article /"> 'France Télécom perd la', the so named company thought its brand had been used illegally. So, La vie com demanded 25 million francs of damages, an amount assessed with regards to the France Télécom communication campaign of 200 million francs. The tribunal didn't totally agreed. But it has imposed a 300.000 francs fine for damages on France Télécom and TBWA, its advertising agency, while the offending slogan will have to be taken off within the next six months from all communication mediums. Goodbye to La

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