Franck Benhamou: 'We cannot ignore the WAP!'

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The CEO of the Sophipolitan SSII ADDX is convinced of mobile Internet: 'It is a revolution. The WAP comes into a real cultural change'.

The Sophipolitan SSII ADDX Technologies takes the initiative: according to its CEO Franck Benhamou, the WAP is not a stillborn protocol. He assures that the WAP comes into a real cultural change we cannot ignore, and for that, he organized a breakfast, on Sept 28th at Maison des Entreprises, Sophia, around the topic.Sophianet: You will organize a conference about the WAP, and about markets it will conquer. However, isn't it a technology with a very reduced life duration? Franck Benhamou:As far as our company is concerned, at ADDX Technologies, we do not see the things like you do. We are a SSII and the WAP allows us to offer new possibilities to our clients. For us it is a supplementary tool. Our clients need to use their applications far from home. Until now, it had been possible only thanks to phones, minitel or the Internet. Today, thanks to the WAP, the way to the mobile Internet is opened. Of course, all is going to evolve, but for us, the WAP is above all a model, the possibility to catch evolution at the right moment!Sophianet: But the flow is reduced and there are a lot of problems for the use, disconnections…Moreover, in some months, other standards will exist like the UMTS… Franck Benhamou:That's right, drawbacks exist, but if we are expecting UMTS or GPRS standards, it will be too late. We have to adapt and change from now. Today, the WAP is a privileged mean to explain to our clients the advantages the mobile Internet presents, and to test it in real conditions. It is a revolution. The WAP comes into a real cultural change we cannot ignore.Sophianet: But the investments your clients have to make, won't they be lost tomorrow? Franck Benhamou:Not at all! Of course when the coming standards will be topical, the system will have to be adapted. But it only will be a transposition. Not everything will have to be changed. And having adopted the WAP will give them several lengths. It is not a lost in advance step. The WAP is a mean to evolve. In the new technologies world, we have to move endless: if you don't do anything, it is finished. The WAP is obviously today a market we cannot ignore!

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