The French "Marks" saved by the Galeries Lafayette ?

Posté mer 17/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Some solid hopes to keep their jobs for French "Marks" in general and more particularly for the Marks & Spencer employees in Nice: the Galeries Lafayette group is very close to takeover the French subsidiary (18 stores) of the British distributor. Last March 29th, all the staff was shocked to know that managers had decided to close all of the stores because of a poor profitability. The Galeris Lafayette group wants to buy out the shares of Marks & Spencer France. But, above all, what is particularly interesting for trade unions is that the takeover of all of the French stores will allow 1.500 employees to keep their job. However, the modalities are still to be set. This takeover project will be presented to the company central comity next October 24th. In Nice, Marks & Spencer is set up in a magnificent old building at 44 rue Jean Médecin (10.500 m2 over six stages) and counts 87 employees.

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