French Riviera rich people in the classification 'Challenges'

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The magazine has published the classification list of the first 500 professional fortunes in France: Diane Barrière-Desseigne, Rodriguez, Mane, Rombi, Maubert, Goldberg families…

The Rodriguez Group booming in the Stock Exchange was not without consequence on the fortune of the group founder and his family. In the class list of the biggest French professional fortunes recently published in the magazine 'Challenges', Gérard Rodriguez and his family are at the 86th rank with a fortune estimated at 2,275 billion francs. They were in the 190th position last year. And they are now one of the biggest fortunes of the French Riviera, except Monaco.The average price of the boats the group sells: 20 million francs. The Rodriguez' lead the second French group of boating after Bénéteau. Very profitable, the group has boomed in the Stock Exchange. The Rodriguez are just the rank before the family Partouche, owners of several casinos across the French Riviera, like the Palm Beach, the Carlton casino club in Cannes, the Eden Beach in Juan les Pins. Whereas another French Riviera personality Diane Barrière-Desseigne (71st position with 2,8 billion francs) who leads the Lucien Barrière group, which owns the Majestic and the Casino Croisette in Cannes and other luxury buildings.Other French Riviera personalities, the Manes (Mane and sons, perfumes) at the 141st rank (102nd last year), with a fortune estimated at 1,1 billion francs. A bit further, the Rombis (191st position, 120th last year). Max Rombi, Arkopharma laboratory founder in Carros, leader in Europe for natural drugs had introduced his firm in the second market in 1996. In 373rd positon (347 million francs), the Mauberts, perfumers in Grasse. In 480th position (240 million francs)the families Goldberg and Benaim, they manage Façonnable (casual wears).Apparently, the new economy has changed completely the fortunes classification list, but on the French Riviera the economy is to recent to change the order. The entrance ticket to the group of 500 reached 218 million francs instead of 148 last year.

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