Full review on the Riviera and the euro (Nice-Matin)

Posté jeu 06/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

If you want to know everything about the euro on the French Riviera: get the Nice-Matin daily and its economic supplement of Thursday September 6th 2001. In this "Dossier euro", made up only four months before the coming of the new European currency in our wallets, a review is done on its current use on the Riviera. And we have to admit that this “euro” doesn’t go very fast. Baskets of French and Italian people analysed; good ideas for shopkeepers in Menton, a border city; the problem of money-changers; an interview of the president of the European parliament, Nicole Fontaine about The Euro, a wonderful integration factor; concrete examples of euro in companies: many angles are thus covered. A review to read to understand the upheavals which are coming more and more quickly.

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