Games of Sophia: robots? championship

Posté sam 14/10/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The occasion was good for Patrick Pollet, a CSTB engineer (Scientific and Technical Center of Building), Sophia. At the time of the Lego Robotour, which took place at the CICA, the whole community of those who are interested in robots met. Especially students from the ESSI or ESINSA. And Gérard Audra, the Games of Sophia organizer, would like to integrate into the next edition of the Games, which took place in June, a robots’ championship. Thus Patrick Pollet came and presented the first Sophipolitan championship.For the one who do not understand what could be “robotic events”, it is possible to go and see the site about the French robotic championship. The ones who are interested in, train your robots! Gérard Audra hopes each firm or each Sophipolitan school will accept to build the best robot. Rules and subscription in the site.

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