The GIMECA celebrates its fortieth birthday and changes its name

Posté mer 24/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The general assembly of the Gimeca (Group of mechanical and electronic industries of the French Riviera), which will take place on Thursday October 25th at 20.00 at the Ruhl in Nice, will be exceptional for many reasons. First, because this professional union will celebrate its 40th birthday. This union presided over by Christian Poujardieu, has grown: nearly 180 companies gathered for a global turnover worth 24.5 billion francs in 2000. Then, because the general assembly should opt out for a change of name. Its overall network of union chambers ending its name unification with UIMM (Group of Industries and Metallurgy Carriers), the Gimeca should thus become the UIMM French Riviera from October 25th.

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