The Gimeca concludes on a record year in 2000!

Posté jeu 12/07/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

« You have informed us about your results and we have just finished calculations: the turnover of member companies to the Gimeca increased by 24% in 2000, from 19.7 to 24.5 billion francs, wrote Christian Poujardieu, president of the group of engineering and electronic industries on the French Riviera, on the new site of the Gimeca. It is nothing compared to the growth of investments: +251%, from 475 to 1194 million francs.”These figures make you dream in 2001 whereas economic trends have completely changed, in particular for telecommunications and information technology. However, Christian Poujardieu added, what was taken is not to be taken anymore and 2000 was certainly an exceptional year. The current slowdown of the economy didn’t affect us and we didn’t totally benefit from the 35-hour working week and other social modernization. Let’s take profit of our results but we have to remain careful for the future!

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