Great Britain: venture-capital on-line

Posté mar 17/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

British people go further. The on-line Stock Exchange is facing a rapid development, via websites such as Boursorama, Direct Finance, I-bourse, Self Trade, etc…which enable to buy shares in real time and to administer a stock exchange portfolio via Internet. However, it isn't easy to invest via the Net in start-ups which are not already listed on the stock exchange. It is this service that a British investment bank has just introduced on the market. The Durlacher bank now allows individuals to have access to the market of fund seeking, either to invest in high tech companies in full stage of launching or in start-ups which are not listed on the stock market yet.For the ones who wish to invest more upstream (not to forget the possible risks) and wishing to become business angels, investing in pre-IPO companies, you can click on

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