Hauliers' strike: gas stations empty and airport paralyzed

Posté mer 06/09/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The strike action stepped up on Tuesday with a gas shortage that threatens the department, and an international airport widely disrupted by roadblocks just at the entrance accesses of the airport.

If the queues to gas stations were less important on Tuesday compared with Monday, it is not because people did not want gas anymore, but because all the stations of the department were out of order, there was no gas left in their tanks.There is also another sector which was affected by the hauliers' strike: Nice international airport. Since Monday roadblocks were settled and were cutting the access to the airport, and on Tuesday it was even more difficult to go into the airport. Even if all the planes took-off, the passengers had to go to the airport by foot.This blockade of the airport disturbed a lot the General Motors convention which takes place in Cannes and gathers together about 12,000 franchise holders. Wage after wage 800 to 1,000 of the dealers come from all over the world to test the Corsa and spend a night on the French Riviera. During a 22 day period, 50 planes' trips have been planned to ensure the transporting on the spot and the return flights.In order the wages not to mix up, Lenny Spangberg Organisation (the organizer) had established a very strict schedule, but the blockade of the airport destroyed the planning and the received people did not appreciate a lot the way they were welcomed on the Riviera.

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