Health: Bionatec expands in Saint-Raphaël

Posté mar 10/10/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Implanted in Sophia Antipolis from the beginning of the year 2000 (it was formerly settled in Biot), the firm Bionatec expands across Saint-Raphaël. This firm which creates biopills from plants' extracts and essential oils, dedicated five years to research and development to finalize its products. And now it enters into the industrial production development stageAbout ten million francs were invested to create a new output unit, over 1,500 m² at Parc Epsilon in Saint-Raphaël. Bionatec (which makes about the same things that Arkopharma in Carros does) employs nowadays 25 people (a 10 million franc turnover) and plans to double its staff in 2001. For 2002, it plans to make a 80 million francs turnover.

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