Hi Tech Club: a woman, Domminique Coll-Juge at the presidency

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The new president of the club, who replaces André Denis, plans to develop partnerships between all actors (companies, research and communities).

It is the first time since the creation of the club that a woman, Mrs Dominique Coll-Juge, who was elected at the presidency of the club during the general assembly of last June 28th. Doctor in industrial pharmacy, Vice-President of the Bionatec laboratory and Communication Manager of Hi Tech Initiatives (Hti), groups based in Sophia Antipolis, Dominique Coll-Juge thus replaces André Denis (Soditech). The latter will keep on working for the club as a secretary. The new president, elected by an 18 member-administration council will also be present with Jean-Pierre Cosnard (INRIA) and Pierre Secondo (IBM) as the Vice-President and Didier Maitre (APITEL), Treasurer.For her two years-mandate, Dominique Coll-Juge defined the broad lines of the programme:- Give a dynamic to the local, national and international image of the Club and reinforce it,- Develop partnerships between all actors (companies, research, communities),- Make the information broadcast easier,- Develop key projects for members and for the local economy in close collaboration with actors of the economy.The French Riviera Hi Tech Club now gathers 58 members. It is among members of big companies, of small and medium-sized companies, national and higher education research groups (UNSA) as well as communities (Chamber of Commerce Nice-Côte d'Azur, county council of the Alpes Maritimes, Côte d'Azur Développement and Sophia Antipolis Foundation).ContactClub Hi Tech Côte d’Azur. Tel : 04 92 96 78 12 or www.hitech-azur.asso.fr

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