The high tech Riviera at the Interop show in Paris

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With m-pixel, Quescom and Right Vision, the start-ups from the Riviera are well represented at the show of the Internet and telecom world, from September 18th to 20th, Versailles’ door.

The French Riviera is largely represented at the “2001 Interop + Networld” show, which takes place at the palais des expositions, Versailles’ door, in Paris, from next September 18th to 20th. Several companies of Sophia Antipolis will take part in this main appointment of the Internet and telecom world.The start-up m-pixel presents its original compression, transmission and picture stocking technology. The company founded by Patrick Haddad thus presents the whole range of i2-view products, the software which provides solutions to the main challenges of the fixed and mobile Internet (compression rate of pictures, rapidity of their transmissions, quality of image on the Net, moving and zooming functionalities).M-pixel is also on one of the strategic axes of this 2001 edition: security and authentication. A solution which is said to be decisive in copyright and integrity of images is proposed by a start-up which has tried to elaborate a real image philosophy more than a technology.Another start-up from Sophia Antipolis, QuesCom is at the Interop 2001 with its new server NextBX® Quescom 100, a server which provides a complete solution of telephony on IP for companies. Philippe Oros, CEO, Philippe Basseguet, the development and product Vice President, have come to this show. The new server they are launching in Paris is intended to companies which are searching for a migration way to the telephony on IP and which want to benefit from service allowed by the IP without loosing their investments and existing systems (particularly in their PABX).Right Vision is in Paris with the latest versions of its products on four poles (ISP, Companies, TPE and Telecom Operators). The company which is now set up in Mouans-Sartoux officially launches its Eye-Box Office range in partnership with Wanadoo and Microsoft. Eye-box Office, recently announced, is the first solution of Internet Appliance Server entirely based on Microsoft technologies.Alexandre Krivine, the CEO of Right Vision, will be part of the conference on Tuesday September 18th, 1.30pm, on the theme “Mobility: take advantage of the new mobile tools to increase efficiency of your nomadic teams”. He will be surrounded with teams of Ericsson, Handspring, IBM Global Sevices, Palm, Nokia, etc.

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