Hotel business: a good August

Posté mer 23/08/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Even if hotel-keepers had a great July month of work, it was not said exceptional, but August seems to be a wonderful month for hotel business on the French Riviera. Michel Tschann, the communication delegate for the hotel-keepers union in Nice, said the hotels should be booked and full at about 90 or 95% in each category (in 4-star-hotels, business tourism from August 20th allowed these hotels to make their turnover increase). In July, the figures were 90% in 3-star-hotels and 80 to 85% for 4 stars one.French Riviera is having an excellent month of August, better than it was expected. Several factors are contributing to have excellent results: bad weather throughout Europe, weakness of the Euro which has favored the arrival of a great deal of Americans and British people (French prices have lost about 15% of their value compared with last year because of exchange rates), the come back of the Russian clientele which was less important because of the crisis in Russia and a great crowds of Italian people.

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