Hourtin : Web and republican values

Posté mer 23/08/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

It has become the great French annual meeting about reflection on new communication technologies. The 21st communication summer school opened on Monday, August 21st in Hourtin (near Bordeaux). The theme was 'Freedom, Equality, Fraternity' and the meeting wants to put in debate the rich relations between values, contents and definitive settlement of the information society. It means to study the consequences of the new tools on the republican values.About 5,000 people are expected during a 5-day-period. Until August 25th, several activities will be organized : 4 meetings, 76 debates, 5 forums of knowledge, 8 philosophical meetings, 104 professional meetings? For further information, see the web /www.crepac.com/hourtin.htm">CREPAC.

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