Housing: the Besson law ineffective on the Riviera

Posté mar 27/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

In the Alpes Maritimes, the 'Besson' law didn't take over the 'Périssol' one, which had stimulated the investment in favour of the renting housing. According to figures given by professionals of the FNAIM, the percentage of flats sold under the Besson law is the lowest in France: 1.28 %. Far from the percentage of Paris (12%), where all the real estate prices are however high, of the French average (20%) and even further than the average results obtained in the province (30%). What's the reason? The ceiling of rents, which isn't adapted to the market of the French Riviera, closer to the one of Paris than the one of the province. Professionals will also renew their demand for a rise in rent ceilings on the French Riviera at the Ministry in order to correspond to the market prices on the Riviera. Moreover, there is an emergency. In the Alpes Maritimes, during the recent meeting of the real estate observatory, the Prefecture has evaluated a need of 3.800 main residences...

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