Hyères hospital : cellular phones to help patients

Posté lun 14/08/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

A communication system is being experimented between hospital doctors and family doctors by the mean of cellular phones with a possible evolution towards Wap and the mobile Intranet.

A very interesting experience is being lead at the Hyères hospital in the Var, to establish a relation between a patient family doctor and the doctor who is in charge of the patient at the hospital. In europeinfos.com, Brigitte Rénaldi explains how a link has been established between both categories of doctors thanks to cellular phones.As soon as a patient arrives at the hospital, the person is asked if he/she wishes his/her doctor to be informed. If the patient’s answer is a « yes » a message « text » is sent towards the family doctor cellular phone. The doctor can thus inform the hospital of the deseases or allergies, etc, the patient suffers from. The aim is to reduce and to avoid medical errors.The development of this new communication system between hospital and family doctors should be possible thanks to the wap. Later on, it is planned to create a secure Intranet only for hospital and family doctors.

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