ICONE 9 in Nice: the 9th conference on nuclear energy

Posté mer 11/04/2001 - 00:00
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About 600 contributors will gather for ICONE 9, the 9th international conference for the nuclear engineering which will be held for the second time at Nice Acropolis, from April 9th to 12th 2001. ICONE, whose first edition took place in Kyoto in 1991, in Japan, already came to Nice in 1997, the two following editions going to Kyoto (1999) and Baltimore (2000). Organised by the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), the SFEN (French company of Nuclear Energy), the JSME (Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers), this high level meeting will have as a main aim the construction of a new era for the development of nuclear energy.ICONE 9 will then deal with the running of power plants, structural equipments, thermic hydraulic, ageing of infrastructures, and evaluations of sites. The maintenance, decontamination, recycling, security, consumption management, and normative aspects will also be discussed.ContactSociété française d'énergie nucléaire, Lucile Arnous, tel 01 53 58 32 10See the website : /www.sfen.fr/icone9">www.sfen.fr/icone9

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