Imagina : the masters of the virtual world

Posté mer 07/03/2001 - 00:00
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What's the best in computer-generated images ? If you had not been to Monaco, have a look on the INA site with video clips of the awarded works.

Imagina, with its Pixel-Ina prizes, didn't take risks : the great prize has been rewarded to 'Toy story 2' of John Lasseter. It's true that it is hard to do better in mixing art and virtual technology. Another big production rewarded : 'The Matrix' of John Gaeta in the special effect category. 'The phantom menace', in the same category has only been rewarded with the third prize. Art category, 'Protest', of the American Steve Katz is wonderful with elephants falling form skyscrapers under the music of 'Diva'.Some other very beautiful computer-generated image films that you can watch some clips on the /"> INAsite have also been rewarded as 'Faux Plafond' of the French Alex Gopher. In a very stylised skyscraper city, people, feelings, cars are represented by their names. A fantastic game of very beautiful character fronts and typographical graphics. The poetry of letters will enchant you.The second best scenario of this category, 'All is full of love' of Bjürk with the erotic ballet of two robots, is also very interesting. These two prizes can also be visualized through video-clips, which, despite being very small with Quicktime, can give an idea of the creativity fields opened by new technologies.Moreover, let's thanks Imagina for showing us /">, with the Internet media prize. Through video-clips, films and Internet site, the virtual images that Imagina has begun to show us 19 years ago have, more than ever, won acclaim. The 8th art is taking shape…

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