Innovation: how can you benefit from community subsidies?

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Two meetings will be held at Sophia on Wednesday November 14th and Thursday November 22nd, for the presentation of CRAFT projects which allow to finance R&D programmes up to 50%.

How can you benefit from community subsidies in favour of innovation and thus give a European dimension to your company's projects? The answer will be given during the presentation of CRAFT projects (Cooperative Research Action For Technology) held at the two meetings in Sophia Antipolis on Wednesday November 14th at 10.00 AM and Thursday November 22nd at 18.00 at Antipolis 1 (300, route des Crêtes).As a European Centre for Business and Innovation, and an active member of this network, CICOM Organisation offers to meet in its premises to present these projects and opportunities they can offer to a company. These two meetings are organised with the contribution of the "Centre Relais Innovation MedIN" (led by Méditerranée Technologies and the CRCI) and Nice-Côte d’Azur Chamber of Commerce, with the intermediary of the "Maison des Entreprises" of Sophia Antipolis and the Euro Info Centre.CRAFT projects were set up from an observation: small and medium-sized companies are now at the heart of innovation. Flexible and reactive, they better cope with technologic developments and create the double of innovations per employee compared to large companies. Conscious of this potential, the European Union has thus decided to support competitiveness within Europe by helping these companies to implement their innovation projects. It is the aim of CRAFT projects, which offer to finance R&D programmes up to 50% for contributing companies. These projects are part of the European programme called "Economic & Technological Intelligence" aiming at developing innovation in small and medium-sized companies.The rule is as follows: companies have to be three small and medium sized companies minimum, located in at least three member states of the European Union or in a partner country. They go into partnership to develop a specific innovation for which they don't have sufficient internal resources and wish to subcontract this R&D programme through a research and development third party organisation. Besides the obvious financial profit, CRAFT projects offer other opportunities such as the development of technologies answering specific needs; the creation of durable trans-european cooperation networks and development opportunities on an international scale; growing industrial competitiveness and exchange of savoir-faire; share of investments and risks, etc.Contact- E-mail :; tel : (33); fax : CICOM Organisation - 300, route des Crêtes 06560 Valbonne-Sophia-Antipolis

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