INRIA Sophia: colloquium on image processing after the holidays

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Prestigious guests will be present for a three-day-workshop on the last new products in the sector of medical image processing, in remote sensing or robotics.

It is also a new start for the INRIA at Sophia Antipolis. The Research Unit is organizing from September 3rd to 5th the third international workshop on optimization methods in image processing and recognition of forms. This colloquium will allow to focus on the last inventions in the sector of medical image processing, in remote sensing and robotics.Four prestigious guests are among the speakers:- Professor David Mumford (Applied Mathematics Division, Brown University, USA); Médaille Fields (equivalent of the Nobel Prize in mathematics),- Professor Geoffrey Hinton (Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, University College London, GB), one of the fathers of neurone networks,- Two specialists of probability models through computers: Donald Geman (Whitaker Institute, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA) and Alan Yuille (Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Franscisco, USA).This colloquium, organized by Josiane Zérubia, research manager at the INRIA and in charge of the common Ariana project at the CNRS, the INRIA and the UNSA, is gathering about one hundred people of 26 different nationalities in the premises of the INRIA at Sophia Antipolis. The Ariana project deals with reverse problems for the observation of the Earth and cartography. With mathematics tools, by using determinist and probability methods, the aim is to improve, for example, the quality of images, detect road networks or make classification for precise agriculture from satellite or aerial images.ContactJosiane Zérubia, Ariana project, e-mail :; tel : 04 92 38 78 65

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