Internet Appliances: Right Vision in the war of prices

Posté mar 21/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The start-up of Mouans-Sartoux offers a dedicated Eye-box PRO (2 hard disks 20 Giga + 1 RAID) for the same price as the mutualised Eye-box PRO (1 hard disk 20 Giga). The price has decreased by 25%.

Right Vision, the start-up set up in Mouans-Sartoux, gets launched in the battle of prices on the Internet Appliances market. Thus, they have launched a business offensive towards ISP (Internet Services Providers) and ASP (Applications Services Providers) on one of their main products, the Eye-box PRO. Thus, until September 30th 2001, for every order of a mutualised Eye-box Pro (1 hard disk 20 Giga), Right Vision provides ISP and ASP a dedicated Eye-box PRO (2 hard disks 20 Giga + 1 RAID). For a price of 2999 euros instead of 3999 euros.The Eye-box PRO is a dedicated Web server which integrates an applications suite specially designed to accompany and to make hosting of "mutualised" and "dedicated" Websites easier. It brings professionals a complete and evolutional solution thanks to a unique modular concept which gives the possibility to add new modules to functions as vital as load balancing and hot stand by. An application updating allows companies to benefit rapidly from the latest evolutions of Right Vision.One of the advantages of the Eye-box is the simplicity to use. The administration interface, developed in DHTML and Java, is intuitive and simple. It allows users to parameterize all of the services of the Eye-box PRO in a few minutes. The Quick Setup interface hosted on the site of the professional gives the final user the possibility to create its own count in a few clicks. The delegated administration aims at loading the repetitive tasks with a little added-value on the final users. As far as the Virtual Office is concerned, it offers the user a nomad access towards its work environment (mails, personal files, agenda, directory, etc…). The Eye-box PRO provides hosting up to 200 sites and a thousand mail boxes.

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