Internet start-up: the venture-capital didn't disappear

Posté mar 05/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

"Since January, 2.3 billion francs were invested in French start-ups, but funds give greater importance to the technological sector and experienced companies" notes Le Monde in an article untitled "The harsh selection of start-ups". Indeed, these funds invested have decreased compared to last year: 2.8 billion francs for the same period. However, it isn't the collapse that we could fear, considering the stock exchange difficulties.Le Monde attempts to bring out the new trends of venture-capital for 2001, the age of reason. Many main themes are being revealed: investors are aiming to retrieve the situation, to make "bridges" in order to try to save their investments (re-financing of companies in which they already have interests). The amounts invested are more concentrated. The experienced companies are given greater importance. Technologies have recovered. New actors come into play as "classic" industrialists who aim to get the technology at a good price, investing in very "targeted" start-ups. The demand is still important though. At the moment, young suspended companies are seeking 8 billion francs to develop, estimates Le Monde.

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