ISDnet, Internet Provider, focuses again on its strategy

Posté mar 02/05/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The Internet Provider, ISDnet has just changed its name into isdnet in order to show its wish to stress on its Internet image. The IP operator that recently obtained the market of the CICA (International Center of Advanced Communication) is quite present across the French Riviera via the Sophia Antipolis World Trade Center where it is massively implanted. It was bought in January 2000 by the group Cable and Wireless so it changed its strategy in order to adapt to a group that has strong European ambitions (at the same time Cable and Wireless had also bought eight other European IP operators).At the beginning of the week, isdnet launched a new web site: and it changed its charter. The activity of the IP operator was focused on the provision of IP services. The site should help the operator to reach its goals. The target is the Internet specialists, thus it places at the disposal of clients high-tech tools as for example interfaces that manage services thanks to computers, preferential access services to the customer care…It also opens clubs for partners and clients. Strong ambitions clear to understand!

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