IX Europe and Ebone inaugurate the international broadband

Posté mar 21/08/2001 - 00:00
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The specialist of broadband IP services extends its optical network up to IXEurope Sophia and integrates the research park into one of the largest and fastest European network.

IXEurope, the data center which has set up in the research park in the beginning of the year goes a bit further. With Ebone, the specialist of broadband IP services and of international optical telecommunications, they inaugurate the international broadband by the end of the month. Ebone, which will be hosted by IXEurope Sophia, has thus widened its optical network up to the research park. From now on, the park is integrated in a network which is one of the largest an fastest one in Europe.Ebone is able to offer broadband services to local economic actors which will have the possibility to be hosted by IXEurope as well or connected by local networks of the region. IXEurope, which had launched the internet exchange Mediterranean platform concept (see article "Sophia: the first Internet exchange Mediterranean platform ), thus confirms its will to match reality.Ebone has built and manages one of the largest telecommunication network in Europe. With 25.000 km of optical cables, it links 66 cities and provides tailor-made services to 150 telecom operators and European and north American service providers as well as to 4.000 European and multinational companies. As they come in the research park, competition will be increased on the broadband market. France Telecom as well as Completel which has built the optical fiber loop in Nice and Sophia are already positioned on this market.Ebone's services in terms of broadband and a review of telecommunications and hosting in Sophia will be presented to local actors during a breakfast on August 30th, 8.45 am, in IXEurope premises, Z.I. of the Trois Moulins, 48, rue Emile Hugues.ContactAlice Dalla Costa, AKKA Agency, Tel: 01 56 59 56 59 or mail: adallacosta@akka-pr.com

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