Jacques Peyrat is charged for his abuses against the ADN

Posté mar 10/07/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The news went round France: the charging of the mayor of Nice, Jacques Peyrat, for slandering to the AND (Association for the Democracy in Nice). The case dates back to last December 11th and follows the violence which raised during the European summit in Nice. During one of his first electoral meetings, Jacques Peyrat denounced this anti-internationalist association presided by Térésa Maffeïs. Moreover, he denounced in front of the public: "these people who get on our nerves all the time, who do not work, these lazy people, troublemakers, these revolutionary people, I condemn them, they just want to mess around and to appear in meetings, what made the sole right of the troops of the nazi fuehrer in 1936 or 1937". A complaint was lodged for these words last March 5th and now lead to a charging by the judge Guéry.Questioned, Jacques Peyrat declared to be stunned by the fact that an examining magistrate charged him for his words whereas himself had lodged a complaint against the anti-internationalist activist for slandering and abuses and his complaints were not noted by the attorney of Nice.

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