Jacques Thieck: from mass marketing to Echo

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His passion: computer science. The former Monoprix shop manager has been for two years the 'Voilà' research engine manager. His career…

Jacques Thieck, webmaster of the company Echo, is a computer science self-made man. Like a great deal of webmasters, he acquired a knowledge thanks to a deep will the succeed in a universe where amateurism is forbidden. For some months, his activity in the group has evolved. He deals with scripts adaptation and management.Monoprix leads almost to anywhere!Jacques Thieck began his professional life in the 80s with a BTS Action commerciale (a trade diploma). His career choice was mass marketing and sooner than expected, he became manager.His abilities and seriousness allowed him to be elected manager of a Monoprix supermarket in Cergy-Saint-Christophe in northern Paris. But, Jacques Thieck was born in the south and used to dream of the Mediterranean sea.'I must recognize that I had been offered a super promotion, with 60 people under my orders. I had to manage staff, accounting… My implication was complete. But I did not like the environment. Problems of criminality inside the supermarket and the heavy schedule I had to ensure destroyed my daily life.'Way of a passionateAnd, an opportunity was offered to him. It helped him to make a decisive turn for his future career. 'I launched into insurance activity. Once again, it was not what I was looking for, and I became aware of that very rapidly. But this allowed me to come back to the Riviera.'Then, Jacques began to get interested in the Internet world. 'I was surfing, alone, like anyone else at the beginning of the 90s. Find a job in that field which fascinated me, was unthinkable. More over I had no diploma in computer science. Although it did not constitute a real handicap since no training was existing for jobs on the Net'.Jacques decided to register at the CNAM in the section: computer science and networks (he passed three exams), and also at the APEC. He found an ad from the firm Echo which was looking for a webmaster. 'I was auditioned by the managers. I think that I can say my eclecticism seduced them.'In the first stage, he had to do the links between the web pages and the research engine. 'I was putting pages online and was doing model integration. In some months I became a link between technique and marketing.'Jacques Thieck thinks he is today an obliged passage in the firm. 'I coordinate all the projects and I am the logical link between all the members of the company, and I love that.'

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