Japan meets the telecom Europe in Sophia

Posté mar 04/09/2001 - 00:00
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A delegation of the Japanese government has met at the ETSI and they have talked about cooperation between Japan and the European community for the standardization of mobiles of the 3rd generation.

The visit on Monday September 3rd of an important Japanese delegation headed by Toranosuke Katayama in Sophia Antipolis represents a real event. First because of the personality of Toranosuke Katayama who is the public offices, home and especially post and telecommunications minister. Then, because of the number of participants (14 representatives of the Japanese government) and finally because of stakes of this visit on the research park.Sophia and the Yokosuka research parkThus, the delegation has been welcomed at the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) by Karl-Heinz Rosenbrock, the director of the ETSI. The program: interviews on progress of the standardisation strategy in telecommunications on every geographical zone and the exploration of a new cooperation between the European community and Japan.The cooperation between Japan and unified Europe has already been concretised by some initiatives. The 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project) has gathered different standardisation institutes among which the ETSI and the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses – ARIB – from Japan. This has allowed them to establish the IMT-2000 norm, for the third generation of mobile and to create a global specification based on the European version, the GSM one (Global System for Mobile).During this visit in Sophia Antipolis, the delegation, which has been welcomed in the research park by the SAEM (Société anonyme d’économie mixte), has had the possibility to visit the park and more particularly the Toyota site. They have also had the possibility to meet Jean-Pierre Mascarelli, the vice-president of the council of the department and the president of CAD (Côte d’Azur Développement) about a possible cooperation between Sophia and the Yokosuka Research Park in Yokohama. They met Senator Pierre Laffitte at the Grand hotel Mercure in Sophia and went to Eurécom at the CICA. A really full day for Chinese and European telecom…

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