J.C.I. congress in Cannes : 4.000 people for diner !

Posté ven 11/05/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The J.C.I. world congress which took place in Cannes from November 6th to 13th will remain in memories as big success. For the number of participants (it gathered 5.113 people coming from 104 different countries together). For the quality of debates turned to a strategy and a thoughts for the third millennium. Moreover Cannes has shown that a meal for 4.000 people (served by Roland Ariza from Cannes, "Traiteur de la Méditerranée") could be served with success. There was an event during this World Congress : it was the baptism of fire for the new show Riviera, the extension of the palais des festivals which, with members of the Jeune Chambre Internationale (Young international chamber), actually received its first congress.

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