Jean-François Carrasco, 'educational designer'

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He is in charge of 'architecturize' web sites for Viviance, a firm specialized in education on the web. Portrait of a new job-maker…

Carrasco had a singular intellectual and professional background. He is a perfect arts person. There he has been, for some months as an educational designer for the Swiss group Viviance, specialized in education on the web. Jean-François Carrasco claims openly he is a dilettante. His aim: to embody the universal man. His reference: Leonardo Da Vinci.From literature to technology'There is no frontier between the different forms of knowledge. The ideal would be to be able to talk about Bach as well as Wittgenstein's philosophy. It would be fantastic.'A professional philosophy which bore fruit since his function of educational designer allows him to gather together high-tech knowledge and education & language science.Flashback on his carrier. 'I thought during years that I had a scientific profile, but I soon became aware that it was not for me. That is why I avenged myself by studying Spanish philology'. Then, not to stick to an only field, he decided to study language sciences' lessons and pass a degree, at the same time of his Spanish studies.Computers to help educationThen, he met Henri Zinglé, who opened at the Nice University a linguistic laboratory. 'For us, it was about to understand, thanks to computer science, language mechanisms. More exactly, enter language mysteries in order to extract information.'. During three years, he went to Zinglé's laboratory. And to ensure the development of computing tools, he acquired skills and abilities in artificial intelligence and in database.Then he integrated the CSTB (building technical and scientific center) in Sophia, as a research engineer and thesis maker. But he decided not to present his thesis. I thought I had no knowledge enough. So by intellectual honesty, I preferred not to present it. At the same time, Jean-François Carrasco, taught at Nice University and at the Greta. And according to the pieces of advice Philippe Marsé (Greta) gave to him, he registered to pass a DESS (fifth year) – in education sciences, at Aix-en-Provence University. That year allowed me to reflect on theory, to meet people who was reflecting about teaching thanks to new educational techniques.'Put educational contents on the webHis background seduced a Swiss company Viviance which wanted to settled in Sophia, he was corresponding to the main concept of the firm: ally knowledge and technology. En 1998, Jean-François Carrasco obtained to have a training period at EURECOM, an institute specialized in network engineers' trainings, at the CICA, Sophia Antipolis. 'I became an 'homogeneity agent'. I was managing a network of European and Canadian schools, I was doing educational regulation'.He was hired last July by Viviance, which recently settled in Sophia, and ensures to be really at ease with his functions: 'I am working for fifteen projects at the same time, and manage contents' analysts We are doing educational engineering Our job consists in creating on the web a structure able to broadcast educational contents. The programs we set up are made according to the demand in order to satisfy best our clients, more often, they are businesses or University training centers. But what the demand can be, we stay in the field of excellence!'

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