Joël de Cernon, new chairman of Air Littoral

Posté ven 09/06/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Marc Dufour, chief executive officer of Air Littoral for 8 years, has not accepted the means and methods that may be used to integrate his company in a new French air pole. Last May 21st, less than one week after Swissair announced to gather together Air Liberté, AOM and Air Littoral, he tendered his resignation, staying the chairman until he found a substitute. Joël de Cernon, former of the company UTA, will become chairman on June 8th.Air Littoral has become in three years one of the most important airlines at Nice airport with more than one million passengers in 1999. Alexandre Couvelaire, chief executive officer of AOM and Air Liberté has been in charge of managing the merger between the three French airline companies Swissair owns. He would become the chief executive officer of the new air pole.

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