"Journal du Net": LibertySurf against employees of Respublica

Posté jeu 05/07/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

In the « Journal du Net » (Interactive newspaper), details on the legal battle which opposes the 43 employees of Respublica.fr, the start-up of Mougins, to Tiscali-LibertySurf Group. "LibertySurf Group serves a writ on a great part of employees of Respublica". According to the on-line paper, “because of rumors concerning lay-offs, about forty employees of the community website have applied for positions of employee representatives.” Then, it thwarts the aims of the group, which confirms what was sensed at mid-June: the site of Mougins has to close down and technical colaborators (35 positions) won’t be hired again (only the marketing team of Paris was kept). However, still according to the article, the closure of the site of Mougins, which might be more difficult if staff representatives are there, the group reacted, asking the cancellation of applications at the court. The case will be dealt with at the Court next July 9th.

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