Juan-les-Pins: a luxury residence in the former Hôtel Provençal

Posté mer 21/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Another long case in the property business as the Palais de la Méditéranée in Nice: the case of the former Hôtel Provençal in Juan-les-Pins. Closed since more than thirty years, this former luxury hotel with an art deco architecture, which was set up in 1927 by the American billionaire, Franck Gould, was let completely neglected. It was an horrible building facing the famous pinewood of Juan. Works, which have started, aim to change this huge building of 15 000 square meters in a luxury residence with a car-park, service premises and eventually a casino.The transformation plan includes 88 top of the range flats, a landscaped garden, a swimming pool as well as 400 car parking spaces, 4 000 square meters of annexe premises and 3 000 square meters for the construction of a casino if the authorization is given. The reopening is planned for 2004. The developer, Alexandre Reza, who has been in charge of this programme for more than 20 years, will invest 200 million francs in the project.

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