Just Andersen

Posté mar 06/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Only the Arthur Andersen consulting company had been allowed to keep its name after Andersen Consulting's divorce that occurred last July. So, Andersen Consulting had become Accenture on January 1st 2001. But since then, Arthur Andersen has also decided to change his name. In a lighter word, that's true. Now, the company which gathers 77.000 people for a year 2000 turnover of 9.94 billion euros, will just have to be called Andersen. A slight change in the habits on the Riviera where Andersen is strongly present. There, it has clearly widened its agency in Sophia Antipolis during the last eighteen months and works in a three-year-long partnership with the Ceram, the business school of the French Riviera.

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