Jutice: Attorney Eric de Montgolfier denounces

Posté mar 21/08/2001 - 00:00
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Attorney Eric de Montgolfier, known for speaking his mind since the case VA-OM, has been noticed during an interview with the "Nouvel Observateur" this week. In office in Nice for seven months, he was surprised that "some cases have disappeared" at the Court of Nice. He has quoted the case in which the Groupe Union Défense (GUD) is involved, charged for mugging at the University of Nice". He ads that some of these files "which were opened when he arrived have disappeared as well. I have never experienced such a frequency until then."I has also mentioned that there were some Masonic networks. "Since the very first day, all of those who have welcomed me have warned me about the Masonic networks. I have been told : you will not catch anything about this court nor about this region if you don't take this reality into account. I'm talked about it everyday, without any evidence or any demonstration of it." Thus he confirms that judges must be impartial even in terms of look, the Court chief considers that "the image of justice must be revived very quickly." According to the daily Nice-Matin of Friday, such declarations have caused a serious disquiet at the High Court of Justice of Nice.

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